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Sales Tax Holiday Ironically, the Rhode Island General Assembly recognizes that when taxes are low, business booms.  In an effort to at least show some understanding of basic economics, Democrat politicians throughout RI consider a "tax holiday" on August 12th and 13th, 2017.

This of course begs the question, if lower taxes drive more commerce; why not drop taxes all year long?  This would create more spending power for the most disadvantaged of Rhode Island citizens and be an economic boom to the small businesses struggling to survive in the Ocean State.

Sponsors: David Coughlin Jr. (D), Kenneth Marshall (D), Joseph McNamara (D), William O'Brien (D), Joseph Solomon Jr. (D)

Increase in the Minimum Wage to $10.50:  As if Rhode Island hasn't chased enough businesses out of the state, businesses that must compete with the pricing of online retailers, RI State Representatives David Bennett (D), Ray Hull (D), Charlene Lima (D), Marcia Ranglin-Vassell (D), and Aaron Regunberg (D) seek to further disadvantage RI's businesses and low skilled workers by forcing the cost of human capital, which will be passed on in higher prices, with a massive spike in the minimum wage.  There is no question that those businesses struggling to be profitable in RI will need to either relocate or close their doors permanently due to this legislation.


Establishment of the Office of the Inspector General as an independent administrative agency: Sponsored by Mike Chippendale (R)*, Robert Lancia (R)*, Kenneth Mendonca (R)*, Brian Newberry (R)*, and Sherry Roberts (R), this is a good bill to end the obvious and massive corruption and cronyism rampant throughout Rhode Island.


Promotion of Rhode Island enforcement of federal immigration laws:  Introduced by Arthur Corvese (D), David Coughlin Jr. (D), Jay Edwards IV (D), Bobby Nardolillo III (R), William O'Brien (D), Bob Phillips (D), and Stephen Ucci (D), this bill will simply promote the laws already in place to bring back reasonable and fair immigration policy to Rhode Island.


Require that all developmental disabilities organizations that employ five employees or more and who are reimbursed for such services by the state, to pay their employees at least $15.00 / hour:  Yet again, successful businesses that can employ more than just a few people are punished by the state for their success.  This bill will prevent quality care facilities from expanding and hiring more people.  Sponsored by Jean Barros (D), David Coughlin Jr. (D), Katherine Kazarian (D), Shelby Maldonado (D), and Carlos Tobon (D).


Establishment of a surtax on businesses if the corporation's ratio of compensation for its CEO to median worker is equal to or greater than 100 to 1:  Introduced by Jean Barros (D), Mary Messier (D), and Michael Morin (D), Aaron Regunberg (D), and Scott Slater (D), this bill is simply another means of punishing successful businesses for their success.  The result will be even further alienation of businesses presently in Rhode Island and prevent innovators and entrepreneurs from starting their businesses in the Ocean State due to fear of excessive taxation to punish their extraordinary success.


Establishes the E-Verify compliance by employers within the state with three (3) or more employees to apply to participate in the federal E-Verify program:  Common sense legislation introduced by Mike Chippendale (R), Arthur Corvese (D), Bobby Nardolillo III (R), and Justin Price (R), to force Rhode Island to comply with Federal immigration law.


Requirement of environmental impacts to be considered in energy plant siting proceedingsIntroduced by Lauren Carson (D), Julie Casimiro (D), Art Handy (D), Cale Keable (D), and Aaron Regunberg (D), this bill intends to forbid the award of a license to an energy facility if it might hinder the state's ability to hit carbon-emission-reduction goals giving the state, not local municipalities, control over their property and energy production.  There is no question this bill creates more cronyism and higher energy costs for all Rhode Islanders, affecting the most needy of citizens.


Limits maximum credit and exemption for state death taxes allowed by the federal revenue act, which exemption is set at $5,490,000, to one year:  This bill, introduced by Daniel McKiernan (D), Stephen Ucci (D), and Thomas Winfield (D), will undoubtedly encourage the most productive and revenue generating citizens of Rhode Island to leave the state.


Low And Moderate Income Housing:  An obvious RhodeMapRI ploy, this bill will punish municipalities for setting their own standards for affordable housing by forcing them to pay for the subsidized housing in other areas of the state.  Introduced by Lauren Carson (D), Stephen Casey (D), Shelby Maldonado (D), Michael Morin (D), and Bob Phillips (D).

H5240 Non-Competitive State Purchase:  An obvious attempt by Stephen Ucci (D) and Thomas Winfield (D) to make it easier for politicians to give no-bid contracts to their politically connected business cronies.

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