Sign Now To Oppose H7427& S2475 - The Unfair To Employer Act.

Rhode Island employers are fair and good people! The so-called “Fair” Employment Act is in reality unfair to employers and employees by creating a toxic work environment. Rhode Island suffers with a 47th place ranking on the Jobs & Opportunity Index. House Bill 7427 will further harm our state’s troubled business climate.

We already have laws on the books to protect employees from discriminatory payment practices. This new bill will open up small businesses to investigations based on employee complaints with a low bar for painful government investigation if passed. Under the Unfair Employment Act, employers would be guilty before proven innocent before unelected court of state bureaucrats. We can’t let that happen!

Rhode Island should not be creating a  process to empower the subjective to whims of progressive activists and the politically correct thought police. Differences in pay come from many factors, but Progressive fanatics are always looking for the worst reasons in their obsession with radical equity. The Rhode Island General Assembly should be standing up to their extreme agenda.

I oppose House Bill 7427 because in reality it is an Unfair Employment Act that goes against American values. People should be compensated based on their merit, not their identity. This attack on honest business cannot be tolerated.

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Larry Gillheeney
Mike Stenhouse

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  • Larry Gillheeney
    signed 2018-05-16 18:03:21 -0400
  • Mike Stenhouse
    signed 2018-05-15 14:59:15 -0400
    Mike Stenhouse

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