RI Tolls: The Gaspee Business Network asks - who stole or wasted the money in the first place?

Rhode Island Rep Gallison silencing opposition in RI General Assembly over tollsThe Gaspee Business Network ignited into existence when it was evident that the Rhode Island General Assembly had complete apathy towards the will of the people and the business community in Rhode Island by passing legislation that would borrow billions of dollars to build over a dozen tolls in our very small state.  In 2012 CNBC stated, “If there is a top state for business in our annual study, there must be a bottom state. For 2012, that dubious distinction goes to Rhode Island— for the second year in a row.” 

In 2014, WPRI reported that Rhode Island was “dead last” in a national survey of local business climates.  Also, According to the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, in March of 2016 Rhode Island ranked at the bottom in measurements of optimism for available work, reliance on welfare programs, and people’s financial motivation of income versus tax burden. 

It is clear that the political environment in Rhode Island is, and has been for a very long time, hostile towards businesses and workers with no end in sight.  It is astounding that the RI General Assembly would force the imposition and expense of tolls on every business in the state and those who transit across RI to do business that will only compound upon an already hostile business environment in Rhode Island.Rhode_Island_road_damage

Rhode Island is already one of the most heavily energy-taxed states in the US

According to the Tax Foundation, in 2015 Rhode Island ranked one of the highest gas taxed states in the United States.  Also, according to the Providence Business News, “Rhode Island's bridges are rated by the federal government as structurally deficient – 22.7 percent, or 174 out of 766 in 2014 – and in need of replacement . . . Rhode Island has a higher percentage of its bridges deemed structurally deficient than any other state . . .” 

Consider this profound correlation: 

Rhode Island business and citizens are taxed at one of the highest rates in the country

And . . .

Rhode Island has the worst infrastructure in the country


For those in Rhode Island who understand how to operate a business effectively, and every day compete to earn a living, the question to be asked is obvious:

Where is the money collected for decades to improve our roads, why is it no longer in existence, and who stole or wasted it?

This question is obvious to anyone in the business world, but apparently not so obvious to the bureaucrats at the Rhode Island State House.  It takes those who created something of value, those who created wealth through voluntary exchange - the business owners of Rhode Island to ask the necessary questions of those in power, who apparently have little experience beyond politics.  

This never existed in RI before, but now it does in the Gaspee Business Network.  Our strength is only reflected in our numbers, please join us today or join us June 23rd for our first open house.  Learn more here.

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