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Join the Gaspee Business Network (GBN)

Why Join the GBN?

For far too long, the political class in Rhode Island consistently passed legislation that placed Rhode Island as the worst, or one of the worst states to operate a business.  Oppressive regulations and a tax structure that creates an almost impossible environment to compete in a global market leaves many business owners wondering if they should simply move to a more business friendly climate.


The political structure in Rhode Island will never change until the producers of jobs and wealth within Rhode Island work together to remove career politicians.  The same politicians who never owned a business or produced something of value stake claim to your earnings while continually diminishing the important and productive contribution YOU make to the good people of Rhode Island.


Please join us and say YES - I want to join today as a partner and help the Gaspee Business Network build the largest pro-business political voice in Rhode Island . . . with the goal of making RI the best place in the country to run a business.

The Hannah Partnership
The Founders Club

$995 gift per year. (Funds initial startup costs. First in line for future steering committee leadership positions)*


The Longboat Partnership

$500 gift per year. (Recognized as the “OARSMEN”, those who helped get us to our goal, voting rights.)*


Patriots of Commerce

$200 gift per year. (Designed for small to medium businesses that want their voices to be heard.)*




Contribute to the fight to improve RI's business climate; make a donation at any level. (Designed for individuals or businesses who want to do more or less than the partnership level donations.  Contact a donation volunteer for donations over $995)*


To Join GBN and Send Your Payment by Mail:

1) Complete and mail a corporate or individual check to:

The Gaspee Project, PO Box 10212, Cranston, RI 02910

2) Provide your name, business name, full mailing address, email and preferred phone #

3) Also, please indicate each of the following:

YES or NO - I authorize my partnership gift to be used for electioneering purposes

YES or NO - I want my (business) name to be publicly listed as a GBN partner

*  Note: Your partnership donation to Gaspee is not tax-deductible