Just Another Business Association?

Is GBN just another chamber of commerce or business association? 


NO. We are not starting a new chamber of commerce. GBN is not just another business group whose leaders can be compromised, or whose members might fear political reprisals. No way.

GBN is a movement of business people, by business people, for business people. Spurred by anti RhodeWorks, anti trucker-toll sentiment, GBN now provides you with a focused, principled business voice that will soon have the legislative and financial clout to make a difference in re-building Rhode Island’s failed business climate.

GBN is about action! We are not about perpetuating salaries or compromising our principles so as to curry political favor. GBN is about you.

GBN is led by volunteer small-business owners who believe that private-sector companies must unite to have a voice in our government. Professionally managed as a brand of an officially registered RI nonprofit organization that has also been granted 501-C-4 status by the IRS, GBN is all about action ... without the bloated overhead and political conflict of other business groups.

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