How will my donation be spent?

How will my money be spent? Will I have any control?


How your donation is spent is up to you. You choose if your partnership fee will be spent on "electioneering" activities or on "issue advocacy". 

Issue advocacy includes raising public awareness about specific issues, petitioning the public to contact their legislators about certain bills, and lobbying on Smith Hill.

Electioneering involves making 'independent expenditures' in support of or in opposition to individual candidates in targeted House, Senate, and State office election races. As a 501-C-4 organization, Gaspee may not contribute to or coordinate with any campaign.

And, finally, unlike other business associations and chambers, GBN is volunteer led, with virtually all of your donations to be spent on action. With no full-time salaries or office space rental, very little will be spent on overhead and infrastructure. GBN will spend some money on advertising and other promotional activities in order to raise awareness about our network and to recruit new partners.

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