GBN Financial Credibility

Will my financial donation to Gaspee be managed responsibly?


YES. Unlike chambers of commerce and other business associations that spend a high percentage of your dues on staff compensation and other overhead costs, GBN is lead by a volunteer team of successful Rhode Island small business owners, with no salaried staff, and very low general overhead. The vast majority of your partnership contributions to Gaspee will be put towards direct action. 

Further, GBN is an initiative of The Gaspee Project, an official nonprofit organization in the state of Rhode Island, and an IRS-approved 501-C-4 organization. The Gaspee Project, has a full board of directors, including a treasurer who reports general revenues expenditures annually to the IRS, and a staff that will make all required reporting to the Rhode Island Board of Elections. 

The GBN steering committee, comprised of successful business owners in our state, will oversee all accounting and expenditures. 

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