Is RI's burdensome business climate making it more and more difficult to successfully operate your business?

Are you considering moving to a less expensive state?

Do you feel your children and grandchildren may have more career opportunities somewhere else?

If yes, we ask you join our Gaspee Business Network so that we can develop a potent voice to reform those policies that are making the Oceans State a less hospitable place to start and grow a business.

Power and Strength in Numbers: Imagine the political power of thousands of small business people partnering together to create a unified and potent voice to see our state's dismal business climate improved. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be effectively utilized to raise public awareness, conduct un-compromised lobbying, and elect pro-business candidates. Imagine the tens of thousands of votes from our employees alone. Imagine the Gaspee Business Network (GBN)!it so painful to build a career, run a business, or raise a family in here in our Rhode Island home.


When GBN voices its support or opposition to certain pieces of legislation . . . lawmakers will hear.

When GBN raises public awareness about specific issues . . . people will notice.

When GBN targets candidates at the ballot box . . . the political class will get the message.

Whether you choose to publicly be listed a GBN partner or not, your support will send a clear message to the political elite ... that NO MORE can they take it for granted that the RI business community will lay down and allow itself to be trampled by anti-business policies, especially those that favor special insiders. 

Where chambers and other business associations often cower when it comes to challenging the status quo ... GBN will remain steadfastly dedicated to its mission!

Protection Against Retribution: When you become a GBN partner, you can choose whether to support activities that require public reporting - OR NOT! In fact, the vast majority of partner donations to GBN will be handled privately and will NOT appear on any campaign finance report.*

For too long, out of fear of retribution by those in power, businesses in Rhode Island have been hesitant to exercise their constitutional right to support or oppose policies and candidates as they see fit. And no business association could be counted on to have their back. This is unacceptable!

In 2015 when a group of business owners testified against an anti-business bill, the state retaliated by launching tax audits against many of them within weeks ... and their association advised them to remain silent. In 2015 and 2016 when business associations hired lobbyists to oppose the trucker-toll bill, the political class abused its power by pressuring their lobbyists to resign and forcing out a private sector executive director ... and his association dutifully capitulated. This corruption and fear must end!


A counter-weight to big-Labor: Government worker and private sector unions spent over $350,000 lobbying the legislature in 2015 for policies that benefit big-labor and big-business, often at the expense of small business owners, taxpayers, and the state economy. With GBN, you - along with hundreds of other small business people - can become a potent voice to have your interests heard on Smith Hill. 

GBN will be there to fight back: When the politically powerful understand that GBN will indeed use its strength to work against those that dare impose tyranny on us for speaking our minds, corrupt retaliation can be eliminated. As further protection against reprisals, once a critical mass of partners are secured, GBN will purchase a $50,000 per incident legal protection policy to defend any GBN business or individual partner who needs it! GBN will have your back!

Fiscal Stewardship: Your financial support of GBN will not be wasted on bloated staff salaries and overhead. With a volunteer steering committee and team, virtually every partnership dollar we raise will be spent on action! 

Recruiting Volunteers Needed: once you have joined GBN, consider helping us further by volunteering to recruit other business partners in your sphere of influence. Contact us at if you would like more information. 


* GBN is an initiative of The Gaspee Project, a nonprofit organization; your partnership donation or other gift to Gaspee is not tax-deductible.

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