Letter to the Dozens of Business Owners Already at the Foundation of the Gaspee Business Network



The Gaspee Business Network is more than just building a better business environment for us in the Ocean State; it is about the opportunities our children and grandchildren will have to enjoy the fruits of their labor for generations to come.   If you are receiving this email, you are at the foundation of something big. 

Thank you for your generosity and foresight which will save many of us from having to uproot our families and businesses for a more business friendly environment elsewhere.

Although the GBN is only months old, we’ve ignited something passionate among the businesses struggling amid one of the worst business environments in the country.  Those citizens of the Ocean State who contributed countless hours and sweat to build their businesses and in turn employ many men and women looking for an opportunity for a more prosperous life, are being increasingly squeezed every year from a political class that believes what others produce is theirs for the taking.

No more.

The leadership of the Gaspee Business Network was formed to be your voice.  We are dedicated to:

  • Making Rhode Island the state to raise a family and build a business without the heavy burdens of government intervention.
  • The privacy of our members by being a shield between you and a government that believes what yours is theirs.
  • Removing career politicians who have never owned a business or produced something of value while continually diminishing your important and productive contribution to Rhode Island.

Again thank you again for your contribution.  There is power in numbers, so please forward this email to the business owners you know in Rhode Island and ask them to join as well.  Simply direct them to http://www.gaspee.biz/partnership_levels and ask them to become a member today.


The GBN Steering Committee