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May 10, 2016

Gaspee Business Network Launches Advertising Campaign
Of Business People, by Business People, for the People of RI

Providence, RI- The newly launched Gaspee Business Network (GBN) kicked off a two-month radio and social media advertising campaign this week to promote partnerships in its organization, which seeks to improve the state’s dismal business climate by giving business owners a potent and principled voice on related policy and political issues.

Billing itself as “the incorruptible voice of Rhode Island’s business community”, and in stark contrast to the Providence Chamber of Commerce, the Gaspee Business Network will work to advance policies that benefit businesses and the average family, as opposed to special-interest policies.

The 8-week ad campaign on WPRO radio, Facebook, and Twitter will soon include information about an upcoming GBN public forum where business owners will be invited to gather to learn more about the organization’s long-term plans and to partner with the dozens of businesses that have already enlisted. The radio spots can be heard here.

More information about GBN partnerships can be found at Partnership levels begin at $200 per year. GBN is directed by an eight person volunteer steering committee

Unlike other business groups, almost all GBN funds will be directly used for advocacy; with no salary or other high-overhead cost obligations. The Gaspee Business Network is an initiative of The Gaspee Project (, a Rhode Island based 501-c-4 nonprofit, which organizes various constituency groups into action in support of pro-freedom, pro-business policies and candidates.

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