First Blood Last Night: Your Contributions are Making a Difference

Eileen Naughton Ousted Out of the Rhode Island General AsseblyLast night's primaries saw the first casualties of RI politicians' disastrous vote on tolls, 38 Studios, and so many other anti-business initiatives.  The Gaspee Business Network has begun to deliver on its word, and we could not have done it without you.

Gaspee has drawn first blood.

Eileen Naughton, along with 5 other incumbents were defeated yesterday. Gaspee's voter education mailers in Naughton's district obviously played a role.  More incumbents must be defeated in November's general election if Rhode Island is going to evolve out of one of the worst states for jobs and business climate.


We ask you to support our mission to stop the political elite from gaining even more power throughout our state, and in turn return government to the people.  The failed and corrupt status quo must be held accountable on November 8, but it takes the time, money, and effort of the few who have the courage to stand and fight.  People like you.

We need your continued help to fight the political machine in Rhode Island.  It can be beaten and together we can fix Rhode Island.

With your donations to the Gaspee Business Network, we can win even more elections on November 8.

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  • Ron Loparto
    commented 2016-09-22 19:41:51 -0400
    The Taxpayers and Small Business Finally have Brave Strong Groups with Voices They Believe In Over Failed Dishonest Incumbent Leadership.
    Along with New Leaders who when Elected can Guarantee Honesty, Leadership, Representation and the Ability for You to Participate in Your Government!
    United States History is about to be made, You are Part of it!
    Election 2016 “Clean Sweep” They All Must Go!