Frequently Asked Questions

Just Another Business Association?

Is GBN just another chamber of commerce or business association? 


NO. We are not starting a new chamber of commerce. GBN is not just another business group whose leaders can be compromised, or whose members might fear political reprisals. No way.

GBN is a movement of business people, by business people, for business people. Spurred by anti RhodeWorks, anti trucker-toll sentiment, GBN now provides you with a focused, principled business voice that will soon have the legislative and financial clout to make a difference in re-building Rhode Island’s failed business climate.

GBN is about action! We are not about perpetuating salaries or compromising our principles so as to curry political favor. GBN is about you.

GBN is led by volunteer small-business owners who believe that private-sector companies must unite to have a voice in our government. Professionally managed as a brand of an officially registered RI nonprofit organization that has also been granted 501-C-4 status by the IRS, GBN is all about action ... without the bloated overhead and political conflict of other business groups.

How will my donation be spent?

How will my money be spent? Will I have any control?


How your donation is spent is up to you. You choose if your partnership fee will be spent on "electioneering" activities or on "issue advocacy". 

Issue advocacy includes raising public awareness about specific issues, petitioning the public to contact their legislators about certain bills, and lobbying on Smith Hill.

Electioneering involves making 'independent expenditures' in support of or in opposition to individual candidates in targeted House, Senate, and State office election races. As a 501-C-4 organization, Gaspee may not contribute to or coordinate with any campaign.

And, finally, unlike other business associations and chambers, GBN is volunteer led, with virtually all of your donations to be spent on action. With no full-time salaries or office space rental, very little will be spent on overhead and infrastructure. GBN will spend some money on advertising and other promotional activities in order to raise awareness about our network and to recruit new partners.

Corporate Checks?

Can I make a contribution to GBN from my business or corporate account?


YES. Unlike direct contributions to most political campaigns, Gaspee can accept contributions from businesses and individuals.

Tax Deductibility?

Is my partnership fee tax-deductible?


NO. As a 501C-4 organization, gifts to Gaspee may not be deducted as a charitable donation on your tax return. As always, we encourage you to seek the advice from a tax professional.

Public Rally or Forum?

Will there be a public meeting or rally where interested business owners and individuals can learn more about GBN?


YES. Before the end of June 2016, GBN will hold a public forum where existing and interested partners can gather to learn more about our group's mission and charter. Check the "Events" tab on our website in the coming weeks.

Public Disclosure?

Will my contribution be publicly listed or reported to the government?


THAT'S UP TO YOU. We understand that many business owners and individuals are fearful of retribution. In keeping with state and federal law, GBN offers you a vehicle to speak your voice and maintain your privacy, if you so choose.

First, you choose whether you want your support of GBN to be publicly listed on our website or other GBN publication.

Second, unless your contribution is specifically designated to be used for independent campaign (IE) expenditures, and further, unless you are one of the top 5 donors to that campaign account, your contribution will NOT be reported to the state or federal government and will not be publicly listed on related campaign collateral.

All donations to the non IE account are managed with 100% privacy!

GBN Financial Credibility

Will my financial donation to Gaspee be managed responsibly?


YES. Unlike chambers of commerce and other business associations that spend a high percentage of your dues on staff compensation and other overhead costs, GBN is lead by a volunteer team of successful Rhode Island small business owners, with no salaried staff, and very low general overhead. The vast majority of your partnership contributions to Gaspee will be put towards direct action. 

Further, GBN is an initiative of The Gaspee Project, an official nonprofit organization in the state of Rhode Island, and an IRS-approved 501-C-4 organization. The Gaspee Project, has a full board of directors, including a treasurer who reports general revenues expenditures annually to the IRS, and a staff that will make all required reporting to the Rhode Island Board of Elections. 

The GBN steering committee, comprised of successful business owners in our state, will oversee all accounting and expenditures. 

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