CVS Lays off hundreds of employees in Woonsocket – Political policy AGAIN comes home to roost in RI

We are incredibly sad to announce that amid the long standing depressed job market in Rhode Island as well as the worst business climate in the nation, hundreds of moms and dads, struggling young adults, and professionals were laid off today at the CVS corporate office in Woonsocket.  The members of the GBN family wish to extend our deepest condolences to those who must now find some means of making ends meet right before the holidays amid one of the worst economies in the country.

The people to blame for these layoffs are the politicians that have run Rhode Island into the ground for decades.

Nothing will change until each and every career politician is removed from office on Smith Hill.

hug-1315552_sm.jpgThese government bureaucrats have made the cost to employ the hard working men and women in Rhode Island so expensive, companies have no choice but to outsource their labor to other countries.  This is why these struggling moms and dads must face the holidays with extreme uncertainty as to how they will pay their bills, let alone provide a meaningful holiday for their children.

Whether it is excessive taxes, massive increases in health insurance costs through HealthSource RI/Obamacare, or the transfer of wealth from successful companies and taxpayers to the politicians’ cronies like 38 Studios and the special interests; the money must come from somewhere to pay these massive bills created by politicians.  When it does, those businesses and people who wish to survive have NO CHOICE but to cut corners elsewhere in order to compensate for our politicians’ unquenchable desire for money and power over us and the entrepreneurs who create wealth and jobs.

Outsourcing is the ONLY answer to the policies of Nicholas Mattiello and his minions in the General Assembly.

This is why the layoffs at CVS happened today.

We are in the final stretch in this election.  We urge all our supporters to view the informational direct mail pieces we have on our website, right click on them to download, and then share them with everyone on social media and email lists.  Also, forward this email to everyone you know.

Finally, go to the voter "cheat sheet" to learn more about which politicians are responsible for this mess.

We must turn the tide in Rhode Island in days or we are stuck with more and more of the disastrous policies that destroyed some many families today.


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