A shameful attack by the Democrat Party of Rhode Island

Gaspee_SheeplePC_Serpa-Round2-1.jpgIt is beyond the imagination of the political elite that thousands of hard-working Rhode Islanders and businesses have banded together in opposition to their corruption.  We will not just sit back and take their attacks on Gaspee and our mission of restoring the Ocean State's business climate.

With your support, GBN is going on the offense.

On Thursday, the Democrat Party of Rhode Island made libelous accusations against one of our top donors (we legally have to reveal our top donors, but will protect YOUR privacy.) Their shameful false attacks on a pillar of the business community are completely unacceptable. Together, we can fight back. Make a donation now by clicking here or on the button below. We are proud that 100% of our donations come from in-state individuals and small businesses.

The political machine is reeling from the honest and issue-based attacks that we have delivered. Already SIX incumbents have been defeated in primary races. Your support for Gaspee is the deciding factor for the future of our rights in Rhode Island. This is our chance to stand up for our values.

Please give your most generous gift now to Gaspee. We are under attack because we have dared to challenge the rigged system. We need your help to fight the political machine. They are frightened and are fighting back with falsehoods and tantrums. With your donation to the Gaspee, we will be able to expand our final attack before the November 8th election!

Thank You! Together, we can reject the rigged system in Rhode Island.


P.S. Toll supporting minions like Rep. Patricia Serpa, of District 27 Warwick, West Warwick, and Coventry, helped to spread the libelous accusations. Here is a shortcut to our donate page100% of your donation goes directly to the fight; we are all volunteers.

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