Now Is The Time To Build Our Voice!


What is GBN?

The mission of the Gaspee Business Network is to build a durable, potent, consistent, and incorruptible voice for the Rhode Island business community.

Of Business People, by Business People . . . for the People of RI

The Gaspee Business Network, GBN, is a movement.  Inspired by the Rhode Island colonists in 1772 who risked it all to fight for their rights and in opposition to the King’s tyranny, the Gaspee Business Network is symbolic of business leaders banding together to push back against over-reaching taxes, regulations, and the infringement on business owners' rights.


After years of watching lawmakers in RI trample over the good, hard working job producers of the state, and then witnessing  the corrupt political process by which the tolls were imposed on Rhode Islanders - the business people finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

It is time to hold lawmakers accountable. It is time for a trustworthy voice that will advocate for the men and women business owners of Rhode Island in regard to the issues they care about most.

The primary objective of GBN is to advance pro-business policies that improve the climate for all businesses in our state, such as:

  • Reducing corporate, income, sales, UI, and estate taxes
  • Lowering occupational licensing regulations and fees
  • Repealing laws that artificially increase energy costs
  • Working against further minimum wage increases
  • Tort reform to improve our state's hostile business legal environment
  • Rolling-back pro-labor laws such as prevailing wage and project labor agreement (PLA) mandates
  • Lobbying for repeal of the RhodeWorks trucker tolls
  • Fighting against other frivolous anti-business policies

Led by volunteer business people like you, finally there is a business association you can count on. If you do not believe that existing chambers of commerce and other business associations are effectively advancing the best interests of your business, the Gaspee Business Network is the home for your voice. 

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To fulfill our mission, GBN will advance pro-business, pro-growth policies and candidates that will work to strengthen Rhode Island’s business climate and economy, and to oppose those that do not. 

The Gaspee Business Network is an initiative of The Gaspee Project Inc, an IRS approved 501-C-4 nonprofit organization.


The Hannah Partnership
The Founders Club

$995 per year. (Funds in initial startup costs. First in line for future steering committee leadership positions)


The Longboat Partnership

$500 per year. (Recognized as the “OARSMEN”, those who helped get us to our goal, voting rights.)


Patriots of Commerce

$200 per year. (Designed for all small to medium businesses that want their voices to be heard.)



Contribute to the fight to improve RI's business climate; make a donation at any level. (Designed for individuals or businesses who not able to sign-up for a full partnership.) 



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