2016 Voter Cheat Sheet


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The chart above lists all incumbent state lawmakers who have a challenger in the upcoming elections. Voters deserve to know how their Senator or Representative voted on critical issues so they can determine if they need to be held accountable, or not, at the polls on November 8.

New Tolls: How did they vote on the controversial "RhodeWorks" bill that imposed new tolls on Rhode Island highways?

38 Studios Voting: What grade did they;receive for their votes on a number of 38 Studios related bills, as appropriate,since 2010?

Freedom Index Score: How well did they preserve your freedoms? On a scale of -100 to +100, what score did they receive for their actual votes on over 100 bills in 2016 that impact our personal, economic, educational, and constitutional liberties? The higher the positive score, the better. The lower the negative score, the worse.

Click here for the pdf


The RI Board of Elections requires The Gaspee Project to list its top "Independent Expenditure" donors for the 2016 state elections. They are: Warren Galkin, Ellen Kenner, Walter McLaughin

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